Your Child, ADHD, and Exercise

Your Child, ADHD, and Exercise | Toya Games

Living with ADHD is reality for an astonishing percentage of parents today. It’s an epidemic that modern medicine hasn’t been able to stop; and what that means for many of us as parents is living continually in a sort of mental chaos.

Sometimes it seems we’d do anything to help our children calm down, concentrate, and focus. Drugs, special diets—what more can the doctor prescribe?

Your Child, ADHD, and Exercise | Toya GamesBut did you know that one potential dealbreaker in the struggle with ADHD behaviors can be exercise? That’s right, just twenty five jumping jacks can release a significant amount of dopamine and serotonin in your child’s brain—the same chemicals that get released when he takes his prescribed ADHD medication. That’s cool stuff.

Exercise isn’t everything, but it can make an enormous change in the atmosphere in your home and in your child’s ability to concentrate and study. Consider implementing these three ways of making exercise part of daily life in your family.

  • As soon as your child is up and dressed, go with him for a run around the block. This’ll be good bonding time, it’ll give him the exercise he needs, and it’ll help you stay in shape as well!
  • Get a trampoline for the living room or playroom, and encourage your child to use it several times during the day. If it gets ignored, make ‘five minute trampoline sessions’ the prerequisite for snacks, computer time, or other treats.
  • If school isn’t far away, walk your child to and from classes in the morning and afternoon rather than driving there. If it is a little further, consider biking with your child.

Exercise is brain food—for everyone, and especially for children with ADHD. Making your home an active home is just giving your child one more tool in his battle against mental chaos.

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