Toys that Encourage Exercise

Keep Active with Toy Rental at Toya Games

There are some children who seem to be born on the move. They can’t sit still for more than two seconds at any one time, and are always doing something: usually some major gymnastic feat like climbing up the bookshelf or catapulting from one end of the room to the other, crashing into furniture along the way and the walls at the two ends.

Then there are others who are just born quiet; thoughtful maybe. Sure, they’ll move if they need to, but they’re more likely to be found curled up in a corner with a picture book or neatly ordering the playmobil men rather than playing outside.

There’s nothing wrong with being quiet—and it means mom and dad, lucky souls, may have much less chance of a child-induced heart attack—but all children, no matter what their type, need exercise. Your always-moving child gets his quota of exercise and then some, so no worries there. If you’ve got a quiet child who enjoys reading, peaceful play or video games more than running about in circles, though, it’s up to you to find fun, interesting ways that can get his muscles working.

Bringing Active to Your Child

Keep Active with Toy Rental at Toya GamesOne way to do this is with toys that encourage exercise, like pogo sticks, ride-on cars, or bicycles. These toys need be cool enough that your child will want to use them, interesting enough that he’ll keep using them—at least for a time—and, in some way or another, they need to get his body in motion. Toys that encourage exercise can be simple or complex, expensive or cheap, bought or rented.

For an example of toys that encourage exercise look at the Disney Dusty Plane ride, fun for children 4-6 years old. This is a scooter-style ride on toy; no pedals, and your child moves around by scooting his legs. Sound like a workout? It is! The propeller spins and fun sounds reward your child’s movement — it’s just like flying. Your little couch potato will add in some arm workout with the steering wheel, and take the plane in fun circles all across the room.

Are there toys that encourage exercise and actually encourage your child to use every muscle in his body? Witness the bounce house! Some bounce houses are extra fun, extra active – like the Action Air Adventure Combo, which features a bounce room, slide, and ball space. Something like this is more fun if there’s at least one more along, so if you’ve got an only child, you may want to let him invite a friend or two over to play—but don’t worry; as soon as word gets out on the street that this thing is at your house, he’ll have every friend vying for an invitation.

Make active a part of your lifestyle — your child deserves a strong, healthy body, and it’s fun to see him play!

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