That Perfect Birthday Present

That Perfect Birthday Present | ToyaGames

We’ve all been there at some point or other. Shopping for a perfect birthday present for a child who doesn’t seem to have any well-defined passions or desires; and who really doesn’t need another truck (or another doll, or another teddy bear) to add to the pile he or she already owns.

When Shopping Isn’t Fun

It can feel like a bit of a nightmare; a puzzle to which there is no right answer. There’s no perfect present; nothing that really will have ‘staying power’. And yet you must buy something. Maybe it’s a child you are close to, or perhaps you (or your child) have been invited to a birthday party for someone you scarcely know. In desperation you might end up buying something completely random, wrapping it nicely, and hope it at least passes muster at the party and gets enjoyed for twenty minutes at some point.

That Perfect Birthday Present | ToyaGames

The Best Birthday Present

Is there an ideal birthday present that works for any child, even the kind who has no particular interest ? There’s one that I think is pretty near perfect — a Toya Games order. Place regular orders for your child to rent toys, and he’ll get not just one thing to play with (and discard) but a veritable parade of different playthings, all fun and exciting, marching through his life. What’s more, he gets to enjoy these playthings not just on that one day out of the 365-day year when everyone is giving him things, but on a number of other special ‘new toy’ days as well.

That’s the big problem with birthdays: you’re giving your gift on the same day as everyone else is giving theirs, the one day when a child is overwhelmed with ‘too much’. Toy rental allows you to spread out your gift, and allows the child to enjoy new toys when there isn’t anything else to compete for his attention.

You do need to talk to the parent of any child you’re considering giving a toy rental subscription to, and make sure they’re okay with the idea; they’ll be the one responsible for scheduling pickups, making sure the toys are ready to go back when the time is up, and encouraging their child to keep them in good condition. Most parents, though, will love the idea.

Try toy rental next time you’re looking for a birthday present for a small person. It’s the perfect way to mix up their special day.

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