Why Buy when you can Rent? It’s as simple as that.

About Us

Toya Games is an online toy rental store, based in Dubai UAE. At Toya Games, we provide you with the opportunity to rent the toys and games your children need to learn, grow and develop effectively.

As children grow, their interests in toys change within months, days, weeks or even hours. So we decided to simplify the parents’ life! Instead of continuously purchasing toys, just rent them online. What could be easier?

You get to pick from our online catalog and decide just which level of toy is the perfect fit for your child right now.

Renting Toys is Good for You, the Children & our Environment

Here are some pointers:

  • To keep up with your kids’ progressive interests in Toys
  • To help the environment and teach your kids about recycling
  • To offer your children a new experience of fun, learning and excitement by giving them new playthings every couple of weeks
  • To save space & de-clutter your beautiful home
  • To cut costs and continue to offer your children the opportunity to try out the latest toys and games

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