Mom’s Busy Day and Rented Toys

Mom's Busy Day & Rented Toys at Toya Games Dubai

Toy rental is ideal for birthday party celebrations and playdates, and if playing with rented toys becomes a regular thing in your house it can lead to less clutter, less hoarding, and more fun. But do you know what my favorite occasion for getting a box of rented toys is? Mom’s busy day.

I like spending time with my children; really I do. Sometimes, though, life throws other things at me. Perhaps it is a paper that has a deadline of tomorrow and which I should have finished yesterday; perhaps it is the tail end of a thesis. Maybe it is just a big painting project which I’ve been promising myself for the last five years I really will do.

But it’s hard to do anything with kids underfoot. Not just hard, sometimes impossible. Like, really impossible. The problem is, they love me too, and they can’t seem to occupy themselves with anything steadily enough to stay away from me for more than five minutes at a time. Sometimes it seems as if I am the center of their universe, and they are all making little orbits around me; not centered orbits, unfortunately, but the kind which has a contact point every cycle. How can you concentrate on any major project with interruptions every 5.5 minutes?

Finding a good children’s movie that they enjoy watching is sometimes enough to keep them quiet for an hour at a time; and I do it seldom enough that it doesn’t lose its power. But if I want more time than that, there’s nothing better than a new toy. Or better yet, new toys.

Mom's Busy Day & Rented Toys at Toya Games DubaiA box of imagination-sparking, attention grabbing, exciting new toys is a wonderful way to keep my little people occupied in the playroom for the whole of a beautifully long afternoon while I do whatever it was I needed to do. Suddenly the toys, not me, become the center of the universe. I know it won’t last, I know eventually—maybe tomorrow, maybe in three days, maybe a week from now—the toys will have lost their newness, and they will be back to orbiting about their beautiful mother, me. But in the meantime, I’ll have finished my project.

Since the fix isn’t permanent, I won’t make a trip to the toy store; instead, I’ll aim for a box of rented toys. This is better on my budget, and means repeated busy days won’t clutter my playroom or satiate my children’s appetite for gifts.

You try it: schedule your toy rental delivery days for times when you know you want to get things done. You’ll be surprised how much difference a box of rented toys can make.

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