Eight Fun Birthday Activities To Make Your Child’s Day Special

Eight Fun Birthday Activities To Make Your Child’s Day Special | Toya Games

Your child’s birthday comes but once a year. She’s counting down the months, weeks, and days till that red letter day on the calendar; and she knows that when that sun dawns it won’t dawn in any ordinary way: birthdays are special days right from the get go.

And then there’s you, who knows the day would be a day like any other day, if it wasn’t for you and your magic. If it is to be a special day, you will be the one making it so.

Eight Fun Birthday Activities To Make Your Child’s Day Special | Toya Games

Sometimes even the best of parents runs out of inspiration. Being Chief Mover is no small deal, and you may feel desperate sometimes. That’s the time to go blog reading, because we have lots of ideas for you! Here are just a few:

  1. Dress up as a clown before you go to wake him up in the morning, and walk into the room juggling.
  2. Make bear-shaped pancakes for a birthday breakfast—these are easy to do with carefully targeted splotches of pancake batter, close enough to touch but not completely overlap; one big one for the tummy, a slightly smaller one for the head, and four small pancake pieces for the four limbs.
  3. If it’s a schoolday, pack a special lunch with a decorated birthday cake cupcake and a few of your child’s favorite treats.
  4. Decorate the hallway with lots of balloons while your child is away at school, to surprise him with when he comes back—or, if he’ll be home all day, decorate it overnight and let it be a birthday morning surprise.
  5. Keep off your phone and laptop that day while your child is home, and give him all the attention he wants.
  6. Cook your child’s favorite meals, serve his favorite drinks, and bake (or buy) his favorite desert. If he is young enough to enjoy it, let him help you in the kitchen!
  7. Consider doing a birthday picnic, if the two of you enjoy being outside and the weather is good.
  8. Surprise your child with a one-day rental of some very special toy, like a bounce castle.

Birthdays! They’re a wonderful chance to play magician, and the perfect opportunity for you to show your child how glad you are that he or she was born into the world. Choose a few of these ideas — or all of them for your child’s next birthday — and then report back on what was most fun.

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