A Special Birthday Gift with Toy Rental

Happy Birthday with Toy Rental at Toya Games

Lacie was a dreamer. She liked to imagine and build castles in the air, and there was nothing wrong with that—who can object to a five year old sitting dreamily staring out into the clouds, dreaming pretty dreams? It was when she tried to make those dreams reality that she ran into trouble; for she though, in her five year old way, that what could be dreamed could be done—and sometimes, it just can’t.

Birthday Gift Toy Rental with Toya GamesMama was sitting by her bed one night; they had been through the bedtime routine, and now it was time for the last kiss, but Lacie was in one of her thoughtful moods.

“Mama, I’ve decided what I want for my birthday.”

“Oh, really?” Mama’s ears perked up. Though the birthday was only two weeks away, she hadn’t bought the birthday gift yet: there was a special doll, with some accessories and a little wardrobe, that she had planned to pick up from the department store. But what birthday gift was Lacie wanting?

“I want a genie in a bottle mama. I want it to be a genie who will give me a new lovely surprise present every little while. That will be the best birthday present of all.”

“But, lovely, genies aren’t real.”

“No, well, it doesn’t have to be a real genie. It can be a pretend one. Only it has to be able to do it. People can make things that do things, you know, mommy. They made a thing which cooked bread.”

“But darling, you’d have far too many toys if that happened. It would be such a job to clean up!”

“But the old toys wouldn’t have to stay, mama. The genie could disappear them when he brought the new.”

Mama gave the last kiss, tucked her little daughter in, and went thoughtfully away. Her thoughts led her to a little internet research, and her research led her to Toya Games.

Birthday Gift Toy Rental with Toya GamesOn the day of Lacie’s birthday the house was beautifully decorated. There was a lovely cake, and surrounding them the gifts that had come in the post from the grandparents. But there was no birthday gift from Lacie’s parents. When the grandparent gifts had been opened and enjoyed, her mother handed her a very little package. Inside was a small bottle; empty except for a piece of paper. It took a bit of trying to get the paper through the bottle nose, but finally it was done, and Lacie read:

“Your birthday gift is a genie in a bottle; but real life genies don’t fit in bottles, and this one appears only for a few minutes every two weeks at your doorstep. Expect your birthday genie at 4:00 sharp.”

There were squeals of delight when the doorbell rang shortly after 4:00. If Lacie had expected her genie to look somewhat other than a delivery man she did not seem disappointed; after all, magic comes in all sorts of strange disguises! He told her he should come in two weeks, to spirit away the toys and bring something new, and then promptly disappeared. And Lacie was left to oohh and aaah over her ‘magic toys’ with all the joy of a dreamer whose pet dream has come true.

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